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Tilting at Matilda

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In this book 28 leading poets, fiction writers and essayists contribute to the current debate through reflections on past and present Australian literature, Aboriginal issues, women’s issues, and the church.



  • Introduction, by Dennis Haskell

Literary representations of Australia

  • Codicils to the Book of Enoch by David Brooks
  • The grave in the Bush by Elizabeth Webby
  • The creative gaze on life manifold: Furphy and Cervantes by Maria Suarez-Lafuente
  • Larrikinism and Ethel Turner's fiction: The Sand-patch and the garden by Ron Shepherd
  • Nostalgia for community: Tim Winton's essay and stories by Bruce Bennett

Poetry and fiction

  • Signs and portents by Rosemary Dobson
  • A candle burns by Wendy Jenkins
  • Mangoes and The poem conceived as powerful owl by David Brooks
  • City of bypasses by Marion Campbell
  • From like and Eqyptian by Brenda Walker

Women in the church and society

  • Women homeless in church culture by Jeanette Lawrence and Agnes Dodds
  • Wisdom cries out in the street: The exploration of a biblical symbol by Pamela A. Foulkes
  • Republics, citizens and women by Patricia Crawford


  • Flowers by Dennis Haskell
  • A sermon by Gwen Harwood

Aboriginal Australia

  • Coonardoo and truth by Leigh Dale
  • Acts of translation by Lorna Little and Delys Bird
  • Understanding and narrative: Race relations in Australia, 1965-1994 by Jocelyn Dunphy Blomfield
  • Embracing difference: Australia's changing self-image by Myrna and Robert Tonkinson

Poetry and fiction

  • Untitled by Graeme Dixon
  • None so raw as this our land and Poetry housekeeping by Andrew Burke
  • Island in the sun by Terri-ann White
  • The exorcism by Vasso Kalamaras
  • Epistle and The well as entry into the overworld by John Kinsella
  • Reports from Rome and Floods in Genova by Philip Salom
  • Oyster and Passengers by Nicolette Stasko
  • Notes on Contributors: Veronica Brady
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