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This is the only critical study to cover all of David Malouf's work up to 1994.

The incisive collection of essays provides various perspectives on one of the world's major contemporary authors.


  • Introduction by Amanda Nettlebeck

I Identity, culture and history

  • The evidence of anecdote: Some perspectives on the poetry of David Malouf by Thomas Shapcott
  • Smoke drifting up at dawn: Individual identity in the poetry of David Malouf by Dennis Haskell
  • Interview with David Malouf by Beate Josephi
  • The great world, history, and two or one other things by Andrew Taylor
  • Yearnings of grandsons for a language the dead still speak: Exile and the loss of language in David Malouf's work by Samar Attar

II The mapping of bodies and space

  • The child in the (Queensland) house: David Malouf and regional writing by Gillian Whitlock
  • Edges of the self: Topographies of the body in the writing of David Malouf by Leigh Dale and Helen Gilbert
  • Rewriting an explorer mythology: The narration of space in David Malouf's work by Amanda Nettlebeck
  • Place, possession, power: The politics of space in David Malouf's 'Harland's Half Acre' by Maryanne Dever

III Questions of form and narrative

  • David Malouf the ibrettist by Annie Patrick
  • Elegies of presence: Malouf, Heidigger and language by Paul Kavanagh
  • Astonished by everything: The functions of sublime discourse in David Malouf's fiction by Patrick Buckridge
  • Problematic history, problems of form: David Malouf's 'Remembering Babylon' by Peter Pierce

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