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Interactions: Essays on the literature and culture of the Asia-Pacific region

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Interactions is a collection of essays celebrating cultural diversity in the Asia-Pacific region.

The subjects examined range from Australian-Vietnamese stand up comedy to New Guinea folk opera to Muslim perceptions of the evils of television and white Australians' poems about Aborigines.

What the contributors share is a belief in the value of cultural interaction and the richness of writing that may emerge from it.

This book offers diverse maps of cross-cultural imagination.



  • Introduction: Cultural identity in the global economy by Dennis Haskell
  • Multiculturalism and the new world (dis)order by G. S. Jayasree
  • Sail the midnight sun: Cross-cultural, inter-cultural, or intra-cultural activity in the creation of a folk opera by Lynda Schulz
  • Shopping and cooking for the hybrid in the world waiting to be made by Mirian Lo
  • Expatriates and the question of home: Jill Ker Conway and Shirley Geok-lin Lim by Bruce Bennett
  • The ocker ethnic: Reading Hung Le and cultural identity by Tseen-Ling Khoo
  • The power of time, or why Thailand makes me laugh by Mark Weeks

Gender and sexuality

  • 0The Scheherezade motif in recent Australian fiction set in China and Southeas Asia by David Brooks
  • Postcolonial gothic: Lois-Ann Yamanaka's 'Hawai'i' by Heather Neilson
  • Parallels of motivation and cultural context in the feminist poetry of Australia and India: A comparative analysis by Subhas Chandra Saha
  • In the beat of my silences": Representations of indigeneity, gender and sexuality in the writing of Leslie Marmon Silko and Jamice Slater-Herring by Angeline O'Neill
  • The evils of television: Some reflections on Shahnon Ahmad's novel 'Tivi'  by Harry Aveling
  • Culture and play of desire in Merlinda Bobis' 'MsSerena Serenata and Beaut, Luv! ' by Bill Dunstone

Travel and initiation

  • Crossing the shadow lines by Silvia Albertazzi
  • Unstable communities: The village in the short stories of Pira Sudham by Andrew McRae
  • Lu Xun's medical studies in Japan and his fiction: A deconstructive reading by Wong Yoon Wah
  • Madame Izan, butterflies and the incomprehensible Japanese by Megumi Kato
  • 'They couldn't tell us how to farm their skin: White poems on black dispossession by Geoff Page
  • Singapore and the two Ulysses by Rajeev S. Patke
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