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Imagining Australian space: Cultural studies and spatial inquiry

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Space may have been the final frontier for the Starship Enterprise, but cultural studies have shown that spatial issues are also close to home.

Ruth Barcan and Ian Buchanan have collected an exciting array of essays mediating upon the way we construct and use space in our everyday material, psychic and social behaviours.



  • Introduction: Imagining space by Ruth Barcan and Ian Buchanan

Imagining 'Australia'

  • Upside-down and inside-out: Notes on the Australian cultural unconscious by John O'Carroll
  • Fantasies of the Antipodes by Paul Longley Arthur
  • A prospect of future regularity: Spatial technologies in colonial Australia by Tony Hughes-d'Aeth

Spatial semiotics

  • White Australia and the Aboriginal invention of space by Bob Hodge
  • Privates in public: The space of the urinal by Rugh Barcan

Bodies in space

  • Driving like a boy: Sexual difference, embodiment and space by Susan Best
  • Bodies in motion: Spatialising practice in Australian dance by Elizabeth Dempster

Outback, wilderness, nature

  • The gender of gardens: The space of the garden in nineteenth-century Australia by Susan K. Martin
  • Outback by Stephen Muecke
  • Place and space: Views from a Tasmanian mountain by Fiona Polack

Lost spaces

  • Drowned, moved, transferred or rebuilt? Thinking about the language of lost places by Peter Read

Postmodern space

  • Non-places: Space in the age of supermodernity by Ian Buchanan
  • Tactile simulations: Architecture and the image of the public at Brisbane's Kodak Beach by John Macarthur
  • Little home page on the prairie: Narratives of exploration and settlement on the electronic frontier by Elizabeth Ferrier
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