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Glass reptile breakout and other Australian speculative stories

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Here are 18 stories by Australia's new wave of science fiction and fantasy writers, including Damien Broderick, Terry Dowling, Greg Egan, Leanne Frahm, and Lucy Sussex.

The stories range from suspenseful mysteries to psychological explorations, considerations of alternative realities, and satirical reflections on the nature of science fiction itself. Six of the authors are from Western Australia.


  • Glass reptile breakout by Russel Blackford
  • All my yesterdays by Damien Broderick
  • Skyriders by Simon Brown
  • The getaway star by Paul Collins
  • Errand of mercy by Stephen Dedman
  • Vanities by Terry Dowling
  • Artifact by Greg Egan
  • The supramarket by Leanne Frahm
  • Combatant by Van Ikin
  • The last guardian by Sue Isle
  • Omphalos: A dialogue by David J. Lake
  • The sea-serpent of Sandy Cape by Rosaleen Love
  • Confusion Day by Phillipa Maddern
  • The colours of the masters by Sean McMullen
  • In the garden by Petrina Smith
  • The Lipton Village Society by Lucy Sussex
  • Shut the door when you go out by George Turner
  • Mostly meantime by Jack Wodhams
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