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Future imaginings: Sexualities and genders in the new millennium

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At the beginning of the new millennium, gender-related issues seem less public and more personal than in the past.

Yet there are still a myriad of debates to be had and issues to be resolved. Future Imaginings brings together essays by leading Australian scholars from a range of disciplines, who investigate, interrogate and develop new ways of thinking about gender.

The result is a collection that not only challenges established perceptions of gender relations and identities, but explores diverse cultural interpretations and symbolisations of gender ‒ how these have changed, and continue to change into the future.



  • Introduction: Into the future
  • Globalisation and the future of gender by R.W. Connell
  • Western feminisms: Through the eyes of the "other" by Chilla Bulbeck
  • Past and future tense: The crisis in masculinity by David Buchbinder
  • Western concepts of gender and prostitution as an obstacle to ending the international traffic in women by Shelia Jeffreys
  • Fetishism and the future of gender by Amanda Fernbach
  • Hard cases make bad history: Doctors and chidbirth between the wars by Janet McCalman
  • Socio-political perspective of sexual violence and its impact on Aboriginal women's health by Dawn Bessarah
  • The Godly family of the seventeenth century and John Howard's Australia by Dolly MacKinnon
  • From shared expectations to profound ambivalence: Australia's gender culture in the 1950s and the 1990s by Belinda Probert
  • Women, 'choice', work and family: Some Australian evidence by Barbara Pocock
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