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An enduring friendship: Western Australia and Japan - Past, Present, and Future

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This collection of major scholarly essay and reflections examines for the first time the long and ongoing relationship between Western Australia and Japan.

Dating from the period of colonial settlement of Western Australia, that relationship had been one of friendship and partnership, interrupted periodically and briefly by outside forces. From Japanese involvement in the pearling industry in Broome in the nineteenth-century to its contribution to iron ore and liquid gas mining in the early twenty-first, Japan's influence on the West Australian economy has been significant. But the partnership is evident in many other ways, as contributors to this volume make clear: in cultural exchange, through education, in sister city agreements and global environment, in the increased movement of people between Western Australia and Japan.

This important book celebrates the relations between Western Australia and Japan in all their diversity.


  • Acknowledgements by Sachiko Sone
  • Forewords 
    • Hon. Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia
    • Takaaki Kojima, Ambrassador of Japan
    • Torao Sato, Japanese Consul-General in Perth
  • The instigator's grumble by Hiroki Ariyoshi
  • Editor's introduction by David Black

Early Contacts

  • Chapter 1 - First Contact by Norren Jones
  • Reflection - Perilous Pearling: a Japanese Junk that Never Made it Home by Gregory Dvorak
  • Chapter 2 - Japanese Relations with Other Asians in Broome: Riots in Broome 1907, 1914, 1920 by Christine Choo
  • Chapter 3 - Japanese Pioneer Women before 1901 with Special Attention to 'Prostitutes' by Sachiko Sone
  • Chapter 4 - Broome's Japanese Community: Its History and Legacy by Lorna Kaino
  • Reflection - Japanese and St John of God Sister in Broome by Christine Choo
  • Reflection - Japanese Postcards of Broome by Joanna Sasson
  • Reflection - Appointment of the Honorary Consul of Japan in Broomeby Yuichi Inouye
  • Chapter 5 - Japanese Merchant Family Business in Western Australia: Growing the Japanese Trading Network under the White Australia Policy by Pam Oliver
  • Reflection - The Tokugawa Shogunate, the 'Closing' and 'Opening' of Japan and Southward Advance by Pam Oliver

The Interwar Years and World War Two

  • Chapter 6 - Japan and Australia in the Interwar Years: The Road to Diplomatic Representation by David Black
  • Reflection - His Imperial Japanese Majesty's Training Ship's Visit to Western Australia: 1903-1935 by Vicki Thomas
  • Chapter 7 - A Link Fashioned in Iron: the Curtin-Kawai Thread by Bob Wurth
  • Chapter 8 - Japanese Internments in Western Australia in World War Two by David Black
  • Chapter 9 - The Australia First Movement in Perth by Andre Malan

The Early Postwar Era

  • Chapter 10 - From Peace Treaty to Agreement on Commence by David Black
  • Chapter 11 - Japanese War Brides in Western Australia: Immigration and Assimilation in the Nineteen Fifties by Julie Easton

Mining Development and Trading

  • Chapter 12 - Charles Court and the Japanese: Personal and Commercial Friends by Ronda Jamieson
  • Chapter 13 - Western Australia-Japan Mining Co-operation: An Historical Overview M. A. B. Siddique
  • Reflection - Japanese Trading House and the Western Australia by Katherine Hoar 
  • Chapter 14 - Australian-Japan Trade by Walter Dawes
  • Reflection - Iron Ore: The Boom that Nearly Didn't Happen by Walter Dawes
  • Reflection - Broadening and Deepening: WA-Japan Economic Ties from the 1970s by Michael Walker
  • Reflection - Establishment of the Consulate-General of Japan in Perth by Yuichi Inouye

Social, Cultural adn Educational Relationships

  • Chapter 15 - Teaching Japanese as a Second Leanguage in Western Australia by Tsuyako Sogawa Coveney
  • Reflection - From 'Japan Inc.' to 'Japan Cool': Shifting Contours of Japanese Studies from the 1970s into the 2000s by Romit Dasgupta
  • Reflection  - A 'Dinkum Aussie' Japanese: Masahiro Ogawa by Leonie Rea Stickland
  • Chapter 16 - Western Australia Participation in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program by Megan Kaino
  • Chapter 17 - Japanese Tourism in Western Australia by David Black and Sachiko Sone
  • Chapter 18 - Western Australia-Hyogo Sister-State Relations, 1981-2006 by Yasuo Takao
  • Reflection - Kagoshima and Perth: An Enduring Friendship by Lisa Scaffidi 
  • Chapter 19 - Retirement Migration by Misako Negi
  • Chapter 20 - Recent Moves in the Japanese Community Towards Multiculturalism by Sachiko Sone
  • Reflection - The Australian-JapanYea of Exchange by Yuichi Inouye  

The Long-Term Relationship

  • Chapter 21 - The Long-Term Economic Relationship between Western Australia and Japan by Reginald Appleyard
  • Appendix - Number of Japanese Residents in Western Australia
  • Contributors  
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