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  • Professor John Kinsella is an acclaimed, award-winning Australian poet, novelist, critic, essayist and editor. His writing is strongly influenced by landscape and he espouses an ‘international regionalism’ in his approach to place. He is a Professorial Research Fellow in English and Cultural Studies at The University of Western Australia.


St George's College and the Westerly Centre present the annual Randolph Stow Memorial Lecture.

Professor John Kinsella will discuss Randolph Stow's unselected poetry, the poems he was unable to include in the recent edition of selected poems, The Land's Meaning (Fremantle Press, 2012) that he edited last year.

From the lecture abstract:

"Compiling the recent volume of the Selected Poems of Randolph Stow, The Land's Meaning, I was unable to include certain poems due to the wishes of Stow himself and his Estate. Most of these poems were early works, originally collected in Act One, but there were others from later periods of a poetry practice that extended right to the end of Stow's life. This talk will consider the worth of those excluded poems, especially those written while Stow still lived in Western Australia (particularly the Geraldton region), and examine how they fit into what I am increasingly seeing as a 'scaffolding' of place, in which Stow’s intense metaphysical, spiritual concerns struggled for space in his evolving spatial politics.

"How much are these poems specifically about the world he grew up in, and what he saw in his day-to-day life, and how much are they extensions into the world of European pastoral and imagined creative landscapes? Is there a subjectivity emerging in those early poems that is different from such yearnings in other Australian poets of the period, and earlier? Or is there something unique happening that will lead to the revelations of various poems of Outrider (and indeed the novels from To the Islands on, which don't fall into the scope of this talk)?"

The Land's Meaning (Selected Poems of Randolph Stow) will be available after the lecture at an Event Price of $25. Cash, EFTPOS and credit card payments available.

Event details


6.00pm – 8.00pm Tuesday 6th August 2013


Junior Common Room, St. George's College, Mount Bay Road, CRAWLEY (signs to venue)


In the Park Avenue or College Road; across Mounts Bay Road in the UWA Boatshed carpark or on the UWA Campus.
Disabled access to the college from Park Avenue, West Entrance.


The Westerly Centre, UWA 

Wine and cheese will be served after the lecture.


All Welcome but please RSVP westerly@uwa.edu.au


We look forward to seeing you at this event.