Westerly Centre

About Westerly Centre

Our Centre, which was established in 1982, draws on UWA’s strengths in teaching and research to encourage studies in Australian and Asian literature and culture.

Originally called the Centre for Studies in Australian Literature (CSAL), on the 20th anniversary in 2002, it was decided to rename the centre. The Westerly Centre was chosen to reflect our unique geographic location and to highlight our long association with the Westerly magazine.

As well as publishing the Westerly, founded in 1956, we publish a range of critical, creative and scholarly works.

Our Director, Associate Professor Kieran Dolin, and members, contribute to the Centre’s activities. They are supported by the Chair of Australian Literature, Winthrop Professor Philip Mead, who provides national and international leadership in the study and appreciation of Australia's creative writers and their work.

We welcome and support visiting scholars, research fellows and students.